In 2021, GYM ALTAÍR DE CARTAGENA is projected as an institution recognized by:

* Their commitment to academic and training quality.

* Continuous improvement in their pedagogical processes.

* Their training plans in human values.

This will be achieved through the application of an international educational model and the gradual introduction of elements and inputs of information technology, communication and research from the areas of knowledge.

In addition, we will maintain the educational quality, standing out as one of the best schools on the Caribbean coast and in the country.


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El Colegio Gimnasio Altair de Cartagena cuenta con los mejores convenios nacionales e internacionales para la excelencia acádemica de tu hijo o hija.







El Colegio Gimnasio Altair de Cartagena cuenta con los mejores convenios nacionales e internacionales para la excelencia académica de tu hijo o hija.