We are International School

We would love to meet you!

We want to have the pleasure of sharing with you everything that Colegio Gimnasio Altair offers and being able to personalize the experience with a visit or call. Therefore, we ask you to allow to have some information to contact them.

An unforgettable experience begins

From now on, you can enjoy an experience unforgettable where your children will experience a integral formation from being, to doing. Through a modern educational system and with sense of human formation, allows you develop potential and skills, achieving a high degree of personal maturity to face the challenges of modern life.

Be part of the Altairense family

Our educational proposal promotes the developing confident students themselves, responsible, thoughtful, innovative and committed, educating with the skills of the 21st century.

All of the above is achieved through student-centered processes; Y as a result, we give society successful students who are not afraid face the challenges of education higher nationally and internationally, and therefore, citizens of good.

Step by step to start your process

We want you to have a truly unforgettable experience and it is important for us to meet you. To schedule your visit, you can fill out the admissions form available on our website www.gymaltair.edu.co or contact the number [57] 3243381861, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Once you have decided to start your process with us, you must buy your form for a value of $ 70,000, fill it out and present the following required documents and send them to the Admissions email@gymaltair.edu.co. Once the admissions form has been completed and gathering the documents, we will continue with the next step.

After their application has been approved by the academic and admissions committee, applicants corresponding to the primary and secondary levels, will be cited for evaluation academic and then the family will be interviewed by the Rector where they will receive the letter of acceptance of quota.

If the response of the admissions committee has been positive, we will send you the invoice that you can cancel by means of a bank deposit. Registration legalization documents You can acquire them through the academic secretary; you must fill them out and deliver them later by approaching Portfolio.

Required documents

1. Certificate of study:
        If your application is for elementary school, you must bring notes from the last three years completed.
        If it is for high school, the transcripts with grades must be from fifth grade to
        year immediately prior to the one that aspires.
2. Family photo for the case of Preschool, Primary and Vocational and academic Middle